Share your COVID-19 Test Certificate and/or Vaccination Certificate so you can safely return to travel and life.
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Our Vision

Safe travelwithin the East African Community

EACPass facilitates the travel industry by getting back to normal while also keeping people safe in the wake of pandemic.It integrates all East African Community Countries Negative test results for covid-19 and those vaccinated supporting those who are traveling across the regional and international and could be the key to having a safe, seamless trip the next time you travel.


CommonTrust Network

CommonPass is a trusted platform that enables people to document their COVID-19 status to satisfy country entry requirements while protecting their health privacy. CommonPass lets individuals easily access their lab results and soon vaccination records, and surface their COVID-19 health status at the point of entry without revealing any other underlying personal health information.

Launched by The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum, the CommonTrust Network is a global network of public and private organizations working to empower individuals with digital access to their health data using open, interoperable, and verifiable standards. The CommonTrust Network serves as a global registry of trusted laboratory, vaccination and health record data sources.